Fabienne Chapot
01-01-2019: Fabienne Chapot startte haar gelijknamige merk onder de naam Fab, in 2006. Het merk is geboren en getogen in Amsterdam, waar het hoofdkantoor zich nog steeds bevindt. Fabienne Chapot kiest voor het managen van haar verkoop- en logistieke processen voor IT’s Perfect.
Van Gils
14-09-2018: The icon Dutch brand van Gils, founded in 1948, has selected IT's Perfect to cover her automation needs for her wholesale and retail processes
Suitup Corporate Fashion
15-08-2018: Suitup Corporate Fashion, a corporate wear company, heads for efficiency with IT's Perfects Corporate Wear module.
La Ligna
15-07-2018: La Ligna, a Dutch brand for women since 1984, was searching for an integrated IT solution, which covers the logistical proces, and the POS for her 32 stores.
Lois Jeans
Kings of Indigo
The Good People
No Excess
15-02-2018: The No Excess look is down-to-earth and our motto is: Simple, Strong, Sophisticated. IT's Perfect online Fashion solution is a seamless match on all occasions, that's why no-excess selected IT's Perfect as their new partner for sales portal automation.
Sock My Feet
08-12-2017: Twinlife, a mens fashion brand active with over 1.500 selling points in Europe, has selected IT's Perfect to update all it's automation processes.
Hi-Tec sports teams up with IT's Perfect
Sample Room China
26-11-2017: Sample Room, een private label fashion company met kantoren in Nederland en China, kiest voor de specifieke opvolging van haar private label proces voor IT's Perfects Private Label module.
22-11-2017: JcSophie is a modern and feminine Dutch brand, founded by a small and very personal team that feels like family and work closely with their. agents and suppliers. JcSophie is teamwork! And IT's Perfect is very proud to be the new member of this team!
Circle of Trust ties the knot with IT’s Perfect
14-11-2017: Circle of Trust, a brand that stands out with her collection of denim and apparel with a cool and trendy style, perfect fits and beautiful details at approachable pricing, has tied the knot with IT's Perfect online Fashion.
DWRS Label
10-11-2017: The young stoeprand DW/RS label is growing rapidly, and believes in automating their processes to accurately manage their growth. IT's Perfect solutions was selected to help them to keep grip.
M.G. van Meel
08-11-2017: M.G. van Meel, your partner in textile, and vendor of the brands Stormen, Funderwear, Fun2Wear and Frogs and Dogs, will manage all her processes with IT's Perfect Online Fashion, starting today.
LE BIG selects IT's Perfect
16-10-2017: LE BIG, the fashion brand for girls with over 600 points of sale in 17 countries, has selected IT's Perfect online Fashion ERP solution. On top of that, LE BIG will immediately start using IT's Perfects extended B2B Portal for Fashion, for sales agents and retailers.
Butcher of Blue
01-10-2017: The young brand Butcher of Blue,vendor of denim, has selected IT's Perfect Online Fashion ERP to support all their processes. IT's Perfect enables Butcher of Blue to easily cope with the exploding growth it's experiencing. To secure a great future.
Co-lab Amsterdam
01-09-2017: CO-LAB Amsterdam, supplier of the brands Wanderlust and OWWW (Once We Were Warriors), was looking out for a solution which could facilitate here strong growth. The need did not only focus on a fullblown Fashion ERP system, there were other requirements, too.
Estrella House of Brands
25-07-2017: Estrella House of Brands is de kledinggroothandel waar de retailer terecht kan om slim in te kopen uit een uitgebreid assortiment, dat altijd direct leverbaar is. Estrella levert onder andere de merken Rivaldi, Biaggio Jeans en Neverdry. Voor het beter beheren van de logistieke en financiële stroom heeft Estrella ingezet op IT's Perfect
NED International
14-07-2017: ‘Elegant, comfortable, stylish and wearable’, these are NED Internationals core values. NED is a short time to market vendor from dutch origin. “We are a young family business, delivering the brand NED Dutch Fashion Design for 5 years now”
Chasin selects IT's Perfect
Brand Facilities
16-06-2017: Brand Facilities, vendor and distributor of, among others, the brand MKBM, from now on controls her financial and logistic processes with IT's Perfects online Fashion Solutions.
By LouLou
15-05-2017: By LouLou combines fashion and functionality by offering a large collection of accessories for women. It all started in 2010 with a single wallet, inspired on Paris in the fifties. And this is still, in detail, part of todays designs. By LouLou's future growth is now supported by IT's Perfect.
IT's Perfect welcomes Dstrezzed
23-03-2017: "Dstrezzed pays homage to the gentlemen of the past, and salutes the modern gents of the 21st century, those who appreciate the good things in life. Welcome to the brotherhood of the modern gents." And from now on, this mission is supported by IT's Perfect.
Meandco teams up with It's Perfect
09-03-2017: Meandco, a private label company and the vendor of womens clothing under the label &Co, will automate her private label and wholesale process with IT's Perfects online Fashion solutions.
JK Fashionstore selects IT's Perfect
24-02-2017: JK Fashionstore, the trendy place to be for fashion and lifestyle in the city center of Nijmegen, selected IT's Perfect online Fashion Retail for het retail activities.
solotwentyfive selects It's Perfect
21-11-2016: solotwentyfive, situated in Amsterdam, holds several agencies for, among others, brands like Paige, Rude Riders and Dolfie. To support their ongoing growth, solotwentyfive selected IT's Perfect to better manage their processes.
IT's Perfect Mobile Fashion App ready for download!
14-10-2016: Today IT's Perfect released her iPhone App! This App enables you to use several functions from IT's Perfect Fashion ERP from the palm of your hand!
IT's Perfect launches workflow management
07-10-2016: IT'S Perfect launches Workflow management. This module enables you to define te default processes within your company, and assign a specific process to for instance a customer, item, vendor, sales order or purchase order.
361 degrees joins IT's Perfect
06-10-2016: 361 degrees, the 2nd largest sports brand in China, expands his international plans. After USA and Brasil, 361 degrees' focus turns to Europe. And to support them in their quest, IT's Perfect was selected as the best solution to do so.
IT's Perfect Customer Portal online!
17-09-2016: IT's Perfect's Customer Portal is launched. Every IT's Perfect customer will get his own login details, and has immediate access to her own online support environment. All of It's Perfects functionality is documented in detail, and this documentation is available for all our customers.
Bjørg Jewelry selects IT's Perfect
12-09-2016: Bjørg, a Dasnish designer of jewelry which has been worn by, among others, David Bowie, Madonna and Rihanna, selects IT's Perfect as the best solution for her B2B sales. And so, IT's Perfects is very happy to welcome it's next Danish customer!
Trine Kryger Simonsen first in DK!
05-09-2016: IT's Perfect welcomes her first customer in Denmark! Trine Kryger Simonsen,a Danish design ladies label that can best be described as 'Sophisticated new Elegance', starts using IT's Perfects online ERP solution for Fashion as of today!
Le Parrell online with IT's Perfect Retail
01-09-2016: Le Parell Fashion and more, specialized in ladies garments, is live with IT's Perfect Retail. IT's Perfect online ERP is delivered with an integrated Retail solution. This makes it possible to easly install a POS which is completely based on IT's Perfects existing ERP functionality.
Monte Scroppino goes for perfection
30-08-2016: Monte Scroppino is een sublime mix of Prosecco, Vodka and a specially selected lime ice cream. Developed following the finest Italian traditions, this mix only consists of natural ingredients. Monte Scroppino Originale now uses IT's Perfect solutions to deliver this refreshing summer drink to it's customers.
IT's Perfect welcomes Six Edges
24-08-2016: IT's Perfect welcomes yet another customer in Belgium. Six Edges from Gent has chosen IT's Perfect, and wil start per september the 1st. Six Edges was searching for a 100% fashion solution, which was easy to use and implement. And It's Perfect was the answer.
Rebel Alliance online with IT's Perfect
12-08-2016: Rebel-Alliance.nl, vendor of vintage collectibles, selects IT's Perfect to support her international growth. The fully integrated B2C webshop, and the fact that the employees of Rebel-Alliance.nl could implement IT's Perfect without any support, made it an easy decision.
IT's Perfect launches Corporate Wear module
01-08-2016: IT's Perfect has launched the module Corporate Wear, a module which enables companies in the corporate wear industry to manage their process of order intake and delivery in a more efficient way.
Lookwell starts IT's Perfect engine
21-07-2016: IT's Perfect welcomes Lookwell, vendor of an extended collection of motorcycling wear. Lookwell created it's IT's Perfect account throught the website, and a few moments the Lookwel environment was deployed. After this, Lookwell was able to test IT's Perfect for 30 days at no charge.
Kost International adapts IT's Perfect in 5 days
15-07-2016: Kost International, leader in the Eyewear and Sunglasses market for more than 20 years, chooses for IT's Perfect's online Fashion wholesale solution to handle their import and distribution processes.
IT's Perfect Launches Sales App for Fashion!
24-06-2016: Would you like to send out your sales agents with an iOs or Android tablet, containing your complete collection? And would you be able to update your collection instantly, so all your agents have the latest changes available within a heartbeat? And, on top of that, would you like to enable your sales agents to directly write their orders on their tablets? Than act now! Because as of today, the IT's Perfect remote sales App is available for you!
IT's Perfect launches online POS
23-06-2016: More and more labels open their own stores, and have invest in external POS solutions, and connectors to their ERP systems. And more and more retailers are searching for an easy to use online POS, that meets todays requirements. IT's Perfect immediately thought: why does this have to be so hard? And thus, IT's Perfect launches an online POS solution. Of course, this POS is completely integrated with IT's Perfects online Fashion ERP. And, like all other solutions from IT's Perfect, it's available out-of-the-box.
Jacky Luxury goes Perfect
13-06-2016: Pure Fashion Wear, vendor of the brands Jacky Luxury en Jacky Girls, was in need of an up-to-date online Fashion ERP system that fully covers it's needs. On top of that, Pure Fashion Wear wanted to enable their salespeople to write their presales orders for Jacky Luxury and Jacky Girls by using a tablet.
Nickelson goes ahead with IT's Perfect
05-06-2016: The international fashion brand Nickelson finished their intense ERP selection phase. The choice was clear: IT's Perfect's online ERP is the solution for Nickelson. Nickelson was on the search for a fashion solution that didn't limit them in their international acting. A real online solution was needed, so the Nickelson team has access to all important data, anytime, anywhere in the world.
Gooische Frutsels online with IT's Perfect
01-06-2016: GooischeFrutsels is a Dutch brand. GF is not only known from her locally handmade children's and women's jewelry, but also from her feminine, robust and styleful 'Style & Go Collection'. For optimization of their direct online sales, GF was in need of a fashion backoffice with a complete integration to the online sales environment.
Gado Gado Fashion chooses IT's Perfect
15-05-2016: Gado Gado, the girls - and women's brand designed by Margriet Wagenaar, will optimize their processes with IT's Perfect. The ongoing growth in sales volume made the step to a Fashion ERP system inevitable for Gado Gado.
IT's Perfect launches API
10-05-2016: IT's Perfects opinion is that nowadays ERP integration with external applications like webshops shouldn't be a big issue. Building a connection from scratch is the ancient approach. And that's why IT's Perfect launches an API t fully cover any integration you want to set up.
02-05-2016: Op 9 juni organiseert IT's Perfect de 1e editie van NextGeneration! Tijdens deze informele bijeenkomst maken we graag hernieuwd kennis met u, en bieden we u de mogelijkheid om met uw collega fashion entrepreneurs te sparren over de rol die de voortgang in technologie voor uw bedrijf kan betekenen!
IT's Perfect: 30 days free trial!
01-04-2016: Try IT's Perfect, your online Fashion environment, for free for 30 days! Did you just start your own label, or are you working for a fashion company with years of experience? Do you need more than just a userfriendly backoffice, and do you expect a fulle integrated B2B or B2C shop to be just a click away?
COS$MO ahead with IT's Perfect
20-02-2016: COS$MO is recognized as an exclusive, ready to wear men's collection, which combine tradition with eye-catching and innovative designs. After a thorough process of ERP and IT selection, COS$MO decided to go ahead with IT's Perfect. COS$MO's headoffice is situated in Belgium, thus underlining IT's Perfects international strategy.
Mim-Pi Starts with IT's Perfect B2C
09-02-2016: Mim-Pi, a childrens apparel brand with a high focus on sustainability, is now fully operational with the integrated B2C shop from IT's Perfect. So from today the end-condumer can order directly on Mim-Pi's webshop, where the collection, the prices, all images and the accurate inventory is shown directly from the IT's Perfect system.
Katherina Loretta adapts IT's Perfect
02-02-2016: To support her growth, Katherina Loretta chooses for IT's Perfect, and will start using the online Fashion solution immediately to be able to manage the upcoming season from this day forth. Katherina Loretta is in the middle of the growing curve which is typical for a young and succesful brand.
IT's Perfects next step: Paul Jonker joins team
21-01-2016: IT’s Perfect, vendor of online IT solutions for fashion, takes her next step in her process of growth. Starting 1-4-2016, Paul Jonker, former CEO of it suits IT and itSuitsFashion international, will join the IT’s Perfect team. IT’s Perfects focus on innovation convinced Jonker that at this moment the IT's Perfect solutions really can't be compared to any other IT Fashion solution out there.
Finnmark Clothing chooses IT's Perfect
16-12-2015: Saami Fashion is a casual outerwear company with a focus on men's tailoring, jackets and coats with a casual twist, all adapted in the brand Finnmark Clothing, inspired by the Finnmark region in Norway. This young brand was looking for a solution which could support her current and future growth, where low investment and userfriendlyness were key factors in the decision process.
IT’s Perfect starts LinkedIn company page
09-11-2015: Interested in all IT’s Perfects ins en outs ? What’s cooking at product management, is their yet another new customer to welcome, and who are working behind the scenes?
Monique Collignon ready to take next step
01-11-2015: Monique Collignon, designer of Haute Couture and the collection ‘Collignon Couture Light’, is taking the next step in their process of growth : taking an innovative ERP product in use with a fully integrated B2B and B2C shop in use: IT’s Perfect.
IT’s Perfect launches PDM
20-10-2015: IT’s Perfect launches her latest module, PDM. This module for Product Data Management enables your design department to centrally store all collection and style related data.
Ninnni Vi selects IT’s Perfect
15-10-2015: Ninni Vi, vendor of Dutch design girls clothing, the Dutch brand for the actual, exclusive and sportive trendsetter, now uses IT’s Perfect to handle their business processes.
Buur Fashion selects IT's Perfect B2B Portal
01-09-2015: Buur Fashion needed a portal which would enable their customers to directly place orders for Buur Fashion's brands Yest, X-Two, Colletta, Norah and Ivy Blue. This portal should not only present the entire collection and stock information and easy to use order entry interface, the customer should also be able to have full insight in outstanding invoices and pending shipments. And on top of that the customer should be able to enter returns. IT's Perfects B2B portal offers all of of this, and more.
Tango Shoes starts new journey
28-06-2015: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of Tango Shoes”. And from now on, this journey is supported by IT's Perfect. The fact that IT's Perfect is a 100% cloud solution which covers each step in Tango's processes, and the fact that IT's Perfect is very easy to use and accessible, made Tango Shoes decide to go ahead with IT's Perfect.
Mim-Pi adapts the future
16-04-2015: Leonora Nieuwenhuizen, Mim-Pi owner and designer: Working with IT's Perfect gives us: full insight, a very clear overview, knowing exactly where we stand. Even without touching a single key, but simply by consulting the dashboard. IT's Perfect is very userfriendly, and enables us to control all our processes in a very easy and logic way.
Release IT'sPerfect mobile
01-04-2015: Today IT's Perfect released 'IT's Perfect mobile'. As of touday it is possible to access all of IT's Perfects functionality by simply using your smartphone. By using your smartphone you can access customer data, write orders, consult management reports, etc.
NickJeans chooses to be Perfect
20-02-2015: NickJean chooses to be perfect by choosing for IT’s Perfect. NickJean, a high quality brand with an eye for design and detail,is going to use IT's Perfect to support it's fashion processes. After comparing several fahion ERP solutions, the choice for IT's Perfect was easily made.
Melik Shoes adapts IT's Perfect
01-01-2015: Melik Shoes, an proven shoe brand in the established high end stores in the Benelux, select IT’s Perfect to support their processes. IT's Perfect very userfriendly interface was the main reason for Melik to come to this decision.
IT's Perfect releases professional logistics
16-10-2014: IT's Perfect new professional logistisc module was released today. IT's Perfect now supports your complete logistical process. Whether you handle your own logistics, or you use the services of a logistic service provider.
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