Workflow Management

IT'S Perfect's Workflow management module enables you to define the default processes within your company, and assign a specific process to - for instance - a customer, item, vendor, sales order or purchase order.
A deadline and the responsible employee or department can be defined for each step within the process. You gain full insight in your critial path, and planning issues will pop up on your dashboard before they cause the actual problem. Your employees will see their tasks displayed on their personal dashboard, where the critical tasks will show first.

IT's Perfects workflow module enables you:

- To create a template for each process within your company
- To define all steps within a process
- To assign the maximum no of days to a step within the process 
- To assign a responsible employee to each step
- To start a process with the creation of a new customer, a new item, a new vendor, a new quote, a new sales order or a new purchase order. But it's also possible to create a complete stand alone process, without a relation to one of these entities..
- To give each employee direct insight in the steps he needs to perform today, in his own personal dashboard.
- To receive automatic reminders by email
- To have grip on and insight in all your processes
- To act immediately when a step in a process is overdue. Immediately knowing which step is causing the issue, and which employee is responsible.

Do you want to maintain full grip on your production process? Or do you want to follow your private label or corporate wear orders in detail? It's Perfects Workflow management will do all this, and more!
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