Share your product data

Delivering product data by e-mail and the ongoing updating of this data can be pretty time consuming. And on top of that, it can be badly influencing your grip and efficiency. Therefore, we allow your vendor to directly access your data, and the purchase order, by accessing his personal vendor portal. You data on a single place, up-to-date, and accessible for everyone.

Central place of communication

Who had the latest contact with this vendor? What dit he answer? And which mailbox do i need to access? All these questions are history, when using IT's Perfects integrated communication channel to communicate to your vendor. All communication is centrally stored, and accessible for everyone who is entitled to.

Follow your process

Based on the defined workflow, actions can be created for your or for your vendor to perform. These actions are published on the vendor portal, and the vendor receives notification of them. The vendor performs the action and let's you know through the vendor portal. Full insight, always, for everyone.

Keep track of changes

You can allow your vendor to do minor changes himself, for instance changing an ETA or a shipment method. Of course these changes won't be processed before you have authorized them, and all changes will be logged. The easiest way of communication, a smaller world.
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