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Would you like to send out your sales agents with an iOs or Android tablet, containing your complete collection? And would you be able to update your collection instantly, so all your agents have the latest changes available within a heartbeat? And, on top of that, would you like to enable your sales agents to directly write their orders on their tablets? Than act now! Because as of today, the IT's Perfect remote sales App is available for you!

Your presales collection up-to-date. Always

Your agent or sales rep always has access to the most updated version of your collection. Did you make changes to an item or price, or did you add extra images to your collection? The changes and additions are immediately available for your agents or sales reps, nomatter where in the world they are. The IT's Perfect Sales App for iPad pushes your collection book into history.

Order entry, direct or presales

Your agent or sales rep writes his order directly on the iPad, together with the customer. The App supports presales orders and direct orders with an availability check. The customer signs the order on the iPad, and the order is immediately available in IT's Perfect Online Fashion ERP. An order confirmation is automatically send to the customer by e-mail. Fast and efficient.

Online or offline

If the App is connected to the internet, the most accurate item - and inventory information will be displayed. If the App is disconnected from the internet, it just keeps working. The agent can view into his collection information and write his orders. Once a connection is restored, the new orders will be synchronized to IT's Perfect Online Fashion ERP.

Draft orders

If you want to create an order for a customer which will be confirmed in a later stage, a draft order can be created. The agent creates an order, which can be saved as draft. This draft can be promoted to an order after confirmation by the customer. The agent is now able to work on his orders upfront, and can send accurate order information to the customer.

Order history

The sales order history will be saved on the iPad, per customer, and is available for the agent. A historical order can be copied to form the base for a new sales order. If a customer wants to place a reorder, the original order can be copied and only the quantities need to be modified.
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