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Your just entered your entire collection into your ERP system. And now you want to offer part of that collection to your end-consumer, through a B2C webshop.In most cases you have the following two choices: enter all items into the CMS system of your webshop, by hand, or pay a pile of money to create a connector between your ERP and your webshop. To eliminate these choices, IT's Perfect online Fashion ERP offers a completely integrated B2C Webshop.

Your own design, following your wishes

IT's Perfects consumer webshop can be modified on several parts to meet your specific requirements. Think of extra banners, a new menu setup, colours, fonts, categories, etc. IT's Perfects webshop offers several templates which can be altered by you, so your webshop meets your specific wishes and requirements.

Your collection online with a single click

You want to publish your collection on your consumer webshop. A single click is sufficient. Open your item in It's Perfect, mark it, and a couple of seconds later your item is online and ready to be ordered. And, if the item is sold out, it will disappear from your website. On of the consequences of the fact that IT's Perfect takes integration to the next level.

Your inventory, always accurate

Your items inventory is registered in IT's Perfect online Fashion ERP. Within IT's Perfect, you decide which part of your inventory can be sold through your b2c shop. A B2C order is immediately registered within it's perfect, and the available inventory is altered accordingly. This guarantees that your available inventory is always 100% accurate.

Follow your consumer

The consumer is able to create his own account on your website. Here, he can save his favorite items, and he can define separate invoice and delivery addresses. All this information is available for you within IT's Perfect, and you can directly target your end consumer by using IT's Perfects newsletter module.

More than one webshop?

Are you selling several brands, and you want to manage a webshop per brand? IT's Perfect allows you to create several separate webshops for, for example, each of your brands. Decide on which webshop or webshops an item should be published, and IT's Perfect does the rest. Enter your item data one time, the available stock is centrally managed, and the orders are available at single point of entry. Just Perfect.
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