100% cloud software made for Fashion wholesale and retail

It's Perfect online Fashion ERP

Fashion ERP system

When you use a PC, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone, whether you're at the office, at home, or even abroad, IT's Perfect is a 100% cloud solution, and thus: available always, everywhere and on any device you choose.
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Sales App

After you entered your data in IT's Perfect, it's not necesarry to copy paste anything to another application. IT's Perfect makes sure that your data is processed and dispplayed anywhere you like: your B2B portal, your consumer webshops, etc. And of course, your orders or returns will seamlessly be processed in IT's Perfect. You should not be bothered with integration problems. That's IT's Perfects opinion.
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B2B Webshop

Customers, agents and sales reps can login to your B2B portal. Allow your customers to write direct orders through your portal, or allow your agents to write presales orders and direct orders. The customer has full insight in his order history, the invoices and the deliveries, making sure that the pressure on your backoffice will be lower as ever.
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B2C Webshop

The out-of-the-box connected webshop is perfect for wholesalers or retail stores who quickly want to launch their own webshop. Since the webshop is fully connected to IT's Perfect online Fashion ERP and the POS, items are published easily and inventory is published realtime. Sales through your websohp are handled in the ERP system, so all logistics are handled from a single place. Select your template, choose your payment service provider, and get started right away!
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Vendor Portal

The vendor portal gives your vendor direct access to all relevant data, as materials, boms, size specs, PO quantities and data. On top of that, IT's Perfect enables you to communicate directly with your vendor from within IT's Perfect. You are no longer reliable on a specific employee or mailbox. Last but not least, your vendor can even change certain data. Obviously these changes won't be processed before your authorization, and all made changes are logged. The vendor portal turns your external vendor into an internal extension of your business process.
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Retail POS

IT's Perfect retail software is available in the cloud, and can be used on professional POS hardware, a laptop or even an iPad. The user-friendliness is unique in the market. From small retailers to the big retail chains, the retail system fits all needs.
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The IT's Perfect ERP system centrally controls all production processes. Wholesale and retail are handled in the same ERP system. Main advantage is that a fashion wholesale company can easily open up a store, but also that the retailer can be supported in the broadest sense: even in the production area. The central ERP system combines the best of wholesale and retail in a single ERP software system.

Wholesale Software

IT's Perfects wholesale software is specifically created for the fashion wholesale industry. All processes, from design to production, receival, delivery and invoices are covered. Several additional modules such as Product Data Management, Product Information Management, Workflow Management and a Ticket System make IT's Perfect the best solution for smaller wholesale companies to the top of the market. The user-friendly interface of the software system facilitates a short implementation period.

Fashion Retail Software

IT's Perfects POS system is solely created for fashion stores. All todays fashion retailer demands are covered in the POS system. Think of a connection to your webshop, or to sales platforms like Zalando or Amazon.

Fashion Order App

IT's Perfect Sales Order Entry App for iPad enables agents and sales reps to present the full collection to a retailer without the need for sales samples. The App updates itself once connected to the internet, and can also be used offline. An agent or sales rep can write presales orders and direct orders. Customers can confirm the order by simply signing on the iPad screen. This process makes life much easier for your complete backoffice.

Tango shoes
Marc Mandemakers
The fact that IT's Perfect is a 100% cloud solution which covers each step in Tango's processes, and the fact that IT's Perfect is very easy to use and accessible, made Tango Shoes decide to go ahead with IT's Perfect. And so, Tango Shoes adapts the future. To be able to access your data on any device by using easy to use dashboards is of adds extra value to this. And the fact that IT's Perfect supports prepacks in their logistics module, including integration with a logistics service provider, made the step the more easy for Tango.

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