You are used to use your smartphone and tablet all day, for all private - and most of your work related matters. Check your email, check your instant messages, update your agenda, order some Italian specialties for tonight, and check how bad that traffic jam is you are going to join within an hour. Then someone sends you a message, asking for an update on that delayed delivery of 2500 trousers from Turkey…

You sit down, open your laptop, connect to the internet, start a VPN, log in, you open your client, you search, you wait… Got the answer, text the answer to your customer, close your laptop, hoping that this is going to be the last customer request for today.

Where everyone fully uses all the possibilities offered by internet combined with the latest technology, business software seems to be way behind. Why? Why are most fashion companies still relying on on premise installations on owned servers, with all the inefficiency and maintenance costs involved? In most cases: the alternative is either a half-cloud solution which only covers part of the cloud dream, or the costs for a full-blown cloud solution is holding you back to take that step into the future.

Wouldn’t you just love to have your full back office available on any device, any time, in any place in the world? And wouldn’t you just love taking the necessary extensions to this back office into use, like a B2B or B2C shop, an online PDM portal with access for your vendor, an order entry tool for your sales reps, an online POS for your stores or an easy to use BI Tool, with just a single click? And wouldn’t you just love it when all these tools would be fully optimized for the fashion industry? And wouldn’t you just love to have access to all this at low initial and monthly costs?

I’ve been searching for solutions like this for the past 15 years, and I believe I finally found it. Not another one of many, but a real innovative, 100% online, solution, build from scratch on the latest technology, covering all your fashion needs. IT’s Perfect is covering everything mentioned, and more.

And it is for that reason, that I didn’t have to think twice when the guys from IT’s Perfect asked me to join their team. And for what I’ve seen so far, we’ve only released the basics of the full potential we are sitting on.

So, without any further due: Adapt the future, and IT’s Perfect!

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