We see a lot of movement in the fashion industry. Companies of which we all thought they simply couldn’t go down suddenly don’t exist anymore. Retail turnover dropped rapidly, and according to those who go done witht it, the cause would just be the current economical climat. Being too late with adapting new online sales channels and failing to embrase your end-consumer directly and digitally is not something the ones who fail will easy admit.
The Dinosaur
The dinosaur died because he couldn’t adapt the changes around him in time. So there was no one to blame for his extinction but himself. Game over. And this might not be a bad thing…. We wouldnt’ like to stumble upon a Tyranausarus Rex during our sunday morning walk.. So, learn your lesson, big dusty retailer: change or die!
On the other hand we see new, young companies, who still can decide on their business models. Who are not held back by 50 years of fashion wholesale and retail history. And who are not afraid to take the leap into the new era of commerce. They thrive on it, understanding that when creating and selling fashion in this age of time, there are no old-fashioned limitations. Keep the company lean and small, market your brand online in any way you can, through all (social) media available, and sell online in any way you can. Through your own webshop, through the online available superstores like Zalando and Amazon, or through any other platform you can connect to. And if all that is set.. Perhaps sell by using the classic retail channel. But they understand that this might not even be a necessity anymore. These companies evolved during the crisis, so I’m pretty sure they were not surprised by it.
The Phoenix
Easy to conclude that we will see a lot of these Phoenix-like companies arise from the ashes that twirl after the extinction of the dinosaur.
So watch out, here they come! They are lean and mean, eager, modern, and they simply don’t DO bounderies…  Let’s hear it for the Phoenix!
The dinosaur runs on old dinosaur systems, which origin from the dawning of IT. These systems were great then, but are not written to be able to cope with todays necessity to connect with the world. So, the old dinosaur programmers are called in to dust of their keyboards and write a custom connection for any single application that needs to be integrated. And thus, the dinosaur with his dinosaur systems is put on life support for a couple of years. He’s not dead yet, but already lying down and breathing heavily, while his staring eyes still wonder what the hell happened here..
The Phoenix needs systems, too of course. And the dusty dinosaur system houses try to wheel them in by offering them dinonaur systems, too. Showing off their years of experience, and shouting out the brands they used to service. And asking the Phoenix to adapt to a system that limits the Phoenix to stretch his wings. Rigid procedures and high costs. Join us! (And you are stuck for life).
Fear not, Phoenix!
What you need is a system that fullfills YOUR needs. Low monthly cost starting at 99,- per month, no ridiculous implementation costs, easy to use, 100% online, fully integrated with everything you need to cover your strategy. Webshops, connections to Zalando or Amazon, Apps, availability where ever you are, on whatever device you are. And developed on THIS age of technology, with YOUR business model in mind.  And of course, completely focused on the fashion industry.
Phoenix, stretch your wings, and contact IT’s Perfect!
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