You were appointed within your company as the responsible person for the new ERP implementation. You are considered to be stable, structured, you have an interest for software and processes, and you may even have lobbied to get a new ERP on the agenda. You have assisted in the selection process, and together with the ERP supplier you have created the complete planning. You are all set to go. This can't possible go wrong. Can it..?
I'm not going to talk about the obvious problems here, such as not meeting budgets and plannings, problems when going live, or other obvious  issues which are known to cause problems during ERP implementations. Of course these are important pillars of your implementation, but a lot is written about this, also by yours truly. We are going to analyse the issues you can encounter when you are the responsible person for the ERP implementation within your organization. Since, on top of the unmistakably importance of planning and budget, the way you perform in this role can make or break your project. And therefore, it is time to sum up the 5 most important pitfalls for the ERP responsible person.
‘ We are working like this for the past 20 years. And this new software can't cope with my routines? It really has to! Really! There is no other way!'

And before you know it you spend thousands of euros to customization to make sure that the new system acts exactly the same way as the old one did. The new system was't meant to work that way, so despite all the efforts, it's never going to perform exactly as the employee wanted. And it's never going to perform in a way that it reaches it's full potential. On top of that, the costs are sky high, all budgets are consumed in flick of time, and not a single deadline is met. So: you are not allowing the organization to decide the way the new system is going to perform. Away with the old processes and routines. Let everybody say what he has to say, take every opinion seriously, but be sure that you keep the lead, and go for new concepts instead of ancient procedures. This is the only way to let your new ERP really excel, and the only way to guarantee that your new ERP is actually reaching its potential. Focus!
‘Todd from accounting is working for us for 20 years, and he really knows what he's talking about....''
This can easily result into an early death of your ERP implementation, it wouldn't be the first time. And so: be sure to have mandate. Are you running into issues like this, be sure to have an open line with management, so they know upfront what Todd is going to tell them. And more importantly, be sure that you always have full support of your manager, and that he backs you up during the whole process. And thus, make sure that Todds breakfast meeting with the CEO doesn't last more than 5 minutes, and you never here from Todd again..  
Choose your battles.
  5 punten om over na te denken. Komt u deze punten altijd tegen? Eigenlijk komen ze elke keer weer in meerdere of mindere mate voor. En het is verstandig om deze ter harte te nemen. Garandeert een goede aandacht op deze punten dan een succesvolle implementatie? Dan komen we onder andere weer terug op waar we openden.. planning, budget, technische onhaalbaarheid,  toch teveel verouderde hardware, managementwisselingen,  investeringsstops, ongeplande verhuizingen, faillissement van uw leverancier, strategische wijzigingen gedurende uw project, ‘eigenlijk vind ik de cloud toch wel onveilig’, etc. Etc. Ik heb ze allemaal langs zien komen. En is er maar zoveel waar we rekening mee kunnen houden. Maar ach, dat is wat ons scherp houdt, en ons weer zin doet krijgen in het volgende project...
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