ERP responsible: the 5 common pitfalls
12-09-2017: You were appointed within your company as the responsible person for the new ERP implementation. You are considered to be stable, structured, you have an interest for software and processes, and you may even have lobbied to get a new ERP on the agenda. You have assisted in the selection process, and together with the ERP supplier you have created the complete planning. You are all set to go. This can't possible go wrong. Can it..?
IT's Perfect Update October
18-10-2016: In this newsletter: IT's Perfect launches workflow solution, 361 degrees, Bjorg, Monte Scroppino, Trine Kryger Simonsen and Le Parrell go for IT's Perfect, and It's Perfect launches her latest version.
Fashion: Be the Phoenix or the Dinosaur?
21-06-2016: We see a lot of movement in the fashion industry. Companies of which we all thought they simply couldn’t go down suddenly don’t exist anymore. Retail turnover dropped rapidly, and according to those who go done witht it, the cause would just be the current economical climat. Being too late with adapting new online sales channels and failing to embrase your end-consumer directly and digitally is not something the ones who fail will easy admit.
Fashion - The internet of things
17-05-2016: We are all known with the possibility to control our central heating system from our phone, or with the possibility to remotely switch the lights in your livingroom on and off, or to wirelessly stream our music to our audio system, or even to remotely close our curtains or open our garage doors. The internet of things is becoming a part of our daily lifes.
IT's Perfect Update - May
12-05-2016: In this update: IT's Perfect integrates barcode scanning to your inbound and outbound logistics, IT's Perfect optimizes your integrated B2B shop, IT's Perfect launched it's new BI module, and IT's Perfect introduces migration services.
Fashion, are we going vertical?
26-04-2016: NextGeneration for Fashion: 9th of june! We all remember the days that you, being a succesful brand, fully relied upon your existing physical retail channel. You created 4 collections a year, you presold those to your retailchannel, you got them produced, they arrive at your warehouse, you distribute everything as quickly as possible, your warehouse is empty, your invoices get paid, and you prepare to start the same process all over again.
The Future in Fashion IT - Finally started?
09-04-2016: You are used to use your smartphone and tablet all day, for all private - and most of your work related matters. Check your email, check your instant messages, update your agenda, order some Italian specialties for tonight, and check how bad that traffic jam is you are going to join within an hour. Then someone sends you a message, asking for an update on that delayed delivery of 2500 trousers from Turkey…
IT's Perfect update March
16-03-2016: In this update: COS$MO chooses IT's Perfect, Mim-Pi children's clothing goes live with IT's Perfect B2C webshop, It's Perfect releases her new logistical status overviews.
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