Mission & Vision

IT's Perfects mission: deliver a total software solution for companies in the Fashion industry, covering each and every possible standard process, where the high rate of user-friendliness enables this fashion company to adapt the solution with the smalles effort possible, on any device, always, anywhere in the world.
Userfriendliness and innovation are IT’s Perfects key words.

IT's Perfects employees posess years of experience in fashion, and in IT. As end-user and as IT professional, many existing fashion IT solutions were used. Although in most cases the necessary fashion functionality was more or less covered, setup and implementation costs were always high to the extreme. And when communication to external applications was necessary, such as a B2B or B2C shop, a retailsolution, PDM, a workflowsolution, integration with mobile Apps, or any other external application, connecting to these application always turned out to be a complex and costly process. So we wondered: why are we able to use even the more complicated endconsumer software with a single click, and is the learningcurve of this software a matter of moments, where the implementation of business applications is still a long and expensive process? And once the solution is implemented, connecting to external applications is always an issue, often caused by usage of older technology.

Solutions for Fashion wholes and retail, born from Fashion experience.

IT's Perfect takes the following statements: And all of this together forms the vision of IT's Perfect: a company in the fashion industry should be able to adapt their easy to use online Fashion ERP solution by themselves, with the lowest possible support and implementation costs, in the shortest period of time possible.
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