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Fashion ERP system in the cloud

IT’s Perfect is an ERP system tailormade for the fashion industry, 100% cloud based. Access always, everywhere.
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Access your data 24/7
As an entrenepeur in Fashion there's nothing more important than to have access to your data 24/7. Whether it's for checking on the progress of your critical business procesesses, or the acces management information. IT's Perfect is available anywhere, anytime. By using a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone: without any installation required IT's Perfect gives you access to, and the possibility to alter, your data.
100% Cloud
Why maintain an internal IT environment, if there is such a thing as a cloud solution? No maintenance expenses, no time and cost consuming updates. IT's Perfect is a 100% cloud solution. And thus, access, updates and security are guaranteed.
Let's grow. Together
The Fashion market is constantly changing, and your company adapts these changes. IT's Perfect closely monitors the market, and adapts these changes, too. By using our - and your - experience, now, and in the future.

One supplier fits all

Alle oplossingen zijn geïntegreerd, zoals een B2B Webshop, iPad order app, kassa systeem of consumenten webshop. 1 leverancier voor al uw oplossingen, 1 aanspreekpunt en 1 verantwoordelijke.

Fashion ERP system for fashion wholesale & brands

A Fashion ERP system, where ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, enables you to fully control any process within your fashion company, whether it's design, production, order intake, logistics or finance. So by selecting the correct Fashion ERP system, the processes in your fashion company should be handled seemlessly. Most classic Fashion ERP systems are installed on your own server. This is what is called an on premise installation. You need to maintain your servers, and they need to be renewed every couply of years. It sometimes is hard to connect to those servers when you're not at the office. And it's merely impossible for, for instance an agent or a vendor, to connect to this on premise installed database. When selecting a cloud solution, you don't need your own servers, you don't face renewal and maintainence costs, and you don't have issues connecting to your workspace from where ever you are. And, since your platform is completely online, integration to your ERP system isn't an issue eather. Where your B2B webshop, or your consumerwebshop, or your sales order entry tool for your agents, has to communicate through complex protocols and custom connectors to your classic Fashion ERP, your cloud solution integrates easily with extended products. And, even better, when choosing IT's Perfect, the mentioned products are already part of the product stack, and integration isn't an issue at all
Buur fashion
Reynoud Koster
Buur Fashion needed a portal which would enable their customers to directly place orders for Buur Fashion's brands Yest, X-Two, Colletta, Norah and Ivy Blue. This portal should not only present the entire collection and stock information and easy to use order entry interface, the customer should also be able to have full insight in outstanding invoices and pending shipments. And on top of that the customer should be able to enter returns. IT's Perfects B2B portal offers all of of this, and more.

Online ERP Software that suits you: IT's Perfect

IT’s Perfect facilitates brands in Fashion, Sportswear, Accessories and Lifestyle. 100% online access, a high rate of user-friendliness, large possibilities. So you want to have access to your data, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world, using your PC, laptop, tablet or phone? And do you want to install an integrated B2B or B2C portal with a single mouse click? It’s Perfect has it all, and more!
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